ZIA™ Showcase gives you an access to DMP technologies and software solution. Please feel free to try it, using images, videos or even a web camera. 

ZIA™ Showcase also offers a fair benchmark on different HW platforms by providing performances and power consumption. Please note that very little optimizations are made for each hardware - running directly the TensorFlow model as is or using each HW platform SDK without deep fine tuning.

Every solution can be quickly be deployed to edge devices or cloud using Amazon, Azure or any other services.

Please feel free to contact our Sales & Marketing Department for more details, further inquiries, and in case your input data fails or the expected results are not obtained.

How does it work?

  1. Click and select software solution.
  2. Image
  3. Select one or multiple devices to run the selected solution.
  4. Image
    HW Device reference:
  5. Real time evaluation
  6. Background connection to selected devices.

  7. Real-time result visualization
    • Detection
    • Performance
    • Power consumption

Behind the curtain

At DMP, we are passionate about technologies, and wanted to compare different HW in terms of performances and power consumption.

It is not easy to make an apples-to-apples comparison of AI solution, so we made our own benchmark setup, and made it accessible to others.